Avery Turns Two!! (A Disney Princess Party)

Our sweet Avery Jane turned 2 years old on New Year’s Eve, and this year it was her turn to have a fun themed party!!

Last year I just could not get it together to throw her a first birthday party so we had a low-key celebration at home.  I’m still feeling bad about it since Grace had a blowout bash for her one year birthday, but the end of December is a HARD time to have a party, especially when you live in a tiny little house in the freezing cold midwest.

This year I was DETERMINED.  Come hell or high water my Avery was getting a party!  I didn’t care if I had just given birth the day before or heck, even at the party!

My little Disney-princess-loving-baby-girl was gonna have a par-tay.

And she did!!

She’s absolutely bonkers about Disney Princesses at the moment and after hearing her identify them by name every time she saw them (including on random packaging at the grocery store!) I decided that would be the theme for her party.

I’d been considering farm animals because she loves those too, but Princesses won out and I’m so glad that’s the route we took :)

Grace had a princess party for her 3rd birthday, but in my opinion this one took the cake!

Here’s a photo rundown… (sorry to all of the extended family we could not accommodate…we love you guys and wish we had a bigger house!)

Sorry also to the family that was present but not photographed :( My postpartum ADD was off the charts that afternoon!  I should have had someone with their wits about them take the pics…

Here’s what I snapped!


Princess banner…reused from Grace’s party!


Grandma and Avery.  Avery’s not too sure about wearing the crown at her party. Lol







Lots of themed snacks!


And cupcakes!




I was so happy with how the cupcakes turned out!

I cheated and bought boxed golden butter and chocolate cake mix.  My plan was to make the icing from scratch, but when I was standing in the aisle at the store and I saw cans of frosting in colors that would totally work for what I had in mind, I caved.

In the end I’m really glad I took the shortcut.  With nursing around the clock and all the other party prep, it was SO NICE to just pop open the frosting and pipe it onto the cupcakes.

The princess “toppers” made the cupcakes so festive!  I saw on Pinterest that another mom cut paper princess cups from Walmart to make princess toppers, so I gave it a try and they turned out great!


Avery wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the festivities…


She enjoyed all the snacks though!



She was looking around very curiously at everyone singing Happy Birthday.  I’m pretty sure she liked it though :) I know she enjoyed her Belle cupcake!






Everyone was so generous and she received a bunch of fun gifts!


tom and the boys

jennifer and david

Our immediate families comprise so many people, but it was really nice to have everyone together!


Look at all those Gould cousins!


Then there’s the real twins and cousin “twins”!

andy and me averys party

I certainly couldn’t have pulled off the party without this guy.  Man I love him!

daddy mommy and avery 2 years

I’m so glad we didn’t let the time of year or the new baby or the tiny house deter us from celebrating our precious girl.

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Avery Jane!!



Here’s a handy pinnable image in case you are planning a princess party of your own and you want some snack ideas :)

disney princess party collage

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  1. Awwww, how fun to relive that special event… The pictures are beautiful Rebecca, you continue to amaze me girl!!!! It was a fun, Princess Party for this princess at heart! :)