Whole 30 Breakfast Ideas

March 19th, 2015

Hello everyone!

I’m back to talk more about one of my favorite subjects lately…Whole 30!

whole30 breakfast ideas
You can check back to my other post to see a video of Andy and I chatting about our experience and then I also posted some more follow up thoughts here.

Today I’m going to share some Whole 30 breakfast ideas.  I’ll be back in the next few days with lunch and dinner ideas!

Breakfast can be as quick or elaborate as you have time for.  Sometimes I’m running out the door with all 3 kids in the morning and I need something fast and other times I’ve got nowhere to be so I can tinker around a little more to make a hot breakfast.  These ideas include both of those scenarios :)

I plan to do a separate post for people who don’t like eggs.  Whole 30 is possible for egg haters!

So here’s the breakdown:

whole30 breakfast collage numbered

1. Veggie egg scramble (spinach, onion, mushroom) with a side of crispy prosciutto (check labels!) and bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with a shake of cinnamon, a tablespoon of ghee, and a big splash of coconut milk)

2. Veggie egg scramble (spinach, onion, mushroom) topped with Frank’s hot sauce (or any other compliant hot sauce)

3. Pumpkin scrambled eggs (2-3 eggs scrambled with about a 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and nutmeg) topped with unsweetened applesauce, roasted pecan pieces and cinnamon.

4. Blueberries with 2 hard boiled eggs (I hard boil my own by gently putting eggs in a pan, covering them with cold water till it’s about 1 inch above the eggs, then I set the pan over high heat and bring to a boil.  Once the water boils I turn the heat down to low, cover the pot, and set a timer for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and gently drain all the hot water.  Immediately add cold tap water and a big cup full of ice to bring the temp down and prevent ugly green rings on your yolks).  If you don’t have time, Trader Joe’s sells bags of pre-cooked and peeled hard boiled eggs!

5. Sliced strawberries and raw baby spinach topped with soft boiled eggs (best method from Budget Bytes).  The runny yokes on top of spinach is so tasty!

6. Scrambled eggs (with a little added cinnamon and nutmeg) topped with strawberries, blueberries and some coconut cream (check labels! I love Trader Joe’s)

7. Trader Joe’s broccoli slaw sautéed in ghee with sliced Applegate hot dog and sweet potato cubes (leftover from dinner the night before – not raw), topped with 2 fried eggs.

8. Veggie egg scramble using Trader Joe’s 8 Veggie Mix (sauté veggie mix in ghee then pour scrambled eggs over top and stir until eggs are cooked) with a sliced orange

9. Costco smoked pulled pork (found in fridge section – no sugar but does contain sodium nitrate as a preservative.  I’m ok with this because we only ate it occasionally, but some people are picky about this) with sautéed spinach, topped with fried eggs (are you sensing a pattern here?! lol).  A side of sliced honey crisp apple.

10. Sliced strawberries and plain scrambled eggs.  I did add a splash of Trader Joe’s light coconut milk (my FAVE coconut milk!) and it made them nice and fluffy.  A cup of bulletproof coffee on the side (see #1 )

11. Sliced apple with almond butter (I buy Maranatha brand from Costco – best price I’ve found).  This is our go-to fast breakfast and we find it keeps us satisfied till lunch every time!

12. Veggie egg cups (scramble 10 eggs with a cup or so of cooked, chopped broccoli, a handful of green onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder then bake for 15-20 minutes at 350* or until eggs are set).  These are great to make ahead and eat hot or cold throughout the week.  The veggie combinations are endless! A side of blackberries on this morning.

13. Blueberries and strawberries, a side of raw baby spinach topped with fried eggs.

14. Sugar-free compliant bacon (hard to find!) with asparagus and mushrooms sautéed in ghee, plain scrambled eggs.

15. Pumpkin scrambled eggs (see #3) topped with unsweetened applesauce, blueberries, and a drizzle of almond butter). This was very filling!!

There are a bunch of other things you could go to for breakfast, but this is a little sample of what we had.

Andy was a big fan of mixing chopped hard boiled eggs with either sweet or white potatoes and a veggie then topping the whole thing with salsa.

We both grabbed Larabars on Sunday mornings when getting everyone to church on time made us rely on a super fast breakfast option.  This graphic from @getting.body.back.girl on Instagram shows which Larabars are Whole 30 compliant vs. which are not:


This picture was SUPER helpful when I was at the store stocking up!  I suggest screenshotting it with your phone so you have it as a reference :) Locals can score these bars for $1 at Kroger pretty frequently.

I know my breakfasts were very egg heavy, but that’s because I love eggs!  I’m going to be back next with egg-free breakfast options and don’t forget…Whole 30 suggests you view your meals as Meal 1, Meal 2, and Meal 3 rather than Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.

When you do that, you are more open minded to having non-breakfast foods for Meal 1 (i.e. leftover dinner, salad, or soup).

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns about how to manage Whole 30! :)

Post Whole30 Update

March 11th, 2015

You might be sick of me talking about Whole30 by now, but I can’t help it!

This is honestly the most effective eating plan Andy and I have ever followed.  It didn’t just change our month, it honestly changed our lives.

Our last official day on the plan was March 3rd.  Since then we’ve been systematically re-introducing food groups that had been eliminated (first legumes, then non-gluten grains, dairy, and finally gluten) and figuring out how we are going to move forward since Whole30 isn’t meant to be strictly followed forever.

We introduced legumes by having a dinner that included a side of black beans.


It was wild cod broiled in ghee, lime juice, and salt with a side of roasted broccoli (which we are currently OBSESSED with) and then black beans simmered with onions, garlic and a few dashes of cumin.

Overall we felt fine after our legume experiment.  I felt tired a little earlier than usual and Andy wondered if he might have had a smidge of indigestion, but nothing too crazy, so I think we’ll definitely add beans back into the rotation here and there.  They are very filling, inexpensive, a nice alternative to meat, and the girls LOVE them!

We had popcorn and wine the Friday night after our end date and let me tell you the popcorn was every bit as delicious as I’d imagined and maybe even more!  We pop ours on the stove with coconut oil and it’s the bomb.com.  I had a bottle of local cherry wine that we chilled and sipped on along with our popcorn and weekly Netflix ritual and the whole experience was a fun departure from our hard-core discipline!

Corn didn’t seem to negatively impact us, so I’ll be curious to see how we handle things like rice, oatmeal and quinoa.  I would have planned to re-into those right after corn, but we ended up having an impromptu family shopping/dinner out outing that fast forwarded our dairy and gluten reintro.

Saturday afternoon we took all 3 kids to the mall and scored BIG at the Sears Land’s End spring sale.  I’m talking $60 corduroy pants for Andy for $20 and $49 cardigans for me for $17!  We wandered the mall a little, picked up matching adorable denim mary jane sneakers for the girls at Payless and even grabbed some flip flops and spring dresses at Old Navy.

By the time we finished shopping, everyone was HANGRY (hungry+angry) LOL.  Red Robin was next door and offered a variety of things we all like (plus I was secretly thinking I could get something almost Whole30 compliant) but they had a 30 minute wait which was TOO LONG for us.

Andy thought pizza might be fun since it’s a favorite of Grace and Avery’s and why not re-intro the ultimate splurge food sooner rather than later!

We went to the Pizza Hut near our house and it was practically empty which is right up our alley!  We got a double cheese pizza and Mountain Dew and cautiously took our first bites and sips.

The Mountain Dew totally grossed me out!  In the book I remember reading that previously normal tasting sweet food and drinks tasted overly sweet and nasty to people after Whole30, but I didn’t think that would be my story.  Turns out it was!  I drank about 1/3 of my Mountain Dew and switched to water.  Soft drinks are just too sweet for me at this point.

The pizza was definitely delicious!  It tasted about 10x more flavorful than the last time I ate pizza.  I think my tastebuds were tuned into the saltiness of the cheese and the nuances of the crust more than usual.  It’s so funny that pizza tasted almost foreign after just a month!

Of course I had to dissect everything I was thinking throughout the whole meal and for a while afterward.  Andy had me cracking up with impressions of how my sister would probably mock our conversation if she was listening to it!



Ellen is good for my ego.  She keeps my absurd overthinking in check by mocking me from time to time :)

I ate WAY LESS than usual and felt extremely full at the end. We came home and I was exhausted.  It was like a gluten and dairy COMA.


I could not WAIT to go back to clean eating the next morning!  In fact, I’d venture to say that I felt off for several days after indulging.

It wasn’t a great idea to reintro gluten and dairy at the same time, so I plan to see how we respond to them individually too.

But in many ways I’m glad we ripped off the bandaid and ate out over the weekend.  It helped me to see that I can manage a lifestyle change.  We can eat out and then return to healthy eating.

Historically that has not been the case.

We usually leap out of a diet plan right back into our old ways.

Not that we are terrible eaters in general, but we love to indulge and haven’t found a great balance of doing so only sometimes.  Keeping the weekend for splurge meals will help us stay in better shape and health overall.

I’ve got to say that I enjoy the Whole30 meals just as much if not MORE than the things we splurged on over the weekend.  I’ve come to really appreciate the fresh flavors of the healthy foods we’ve been eating and even more than that, I love the way I feel after each meal.

Satisfied and nourished rather than bloated and full.

I can’t get over how crazy it is that this 30 day journey had such an impact on us.  It blows me away.

As if all the benefits we discussed in our Whole30 Video weren’t enough, I’m happy to report that my blood pressure is back in the normal range without medication!

The numbers on the scale are steadily creeping downward and I’m wearing clothes I haven’t fit into since I lost weight after Avery…like 6 MONTHS after Avery! I’m wearing them now even though Drew is only 3 months old!

Whole30 has been shown to stabilize blood sugar in diabetics, reduce pain in people with joint issues, clear up acne, alleviate asthma, and about a million other things for a host of other ailments.

If you are struggling with a health and wellness issue or know someone who is, I highly recommend Whole30!!

Photo Feb 19, 10 06 23 AM

Read this book and give it a whirl.  I’ll even be your personal cheerleader if you decide to try it!

The following instagram accounts have also REALLY inspired me:






Also, my own account: @wholedailyrebecca ;)

I know I was supposed to do a post about what we ate over the 30 days, but apparently I had a lot more to say!

Shocking, I know ;)

I promise I’ll be back next with a food rundown.  I’ve got the collages all ready and I’ll be hunting down links for any recipes I used.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!

Drew Boo

March 7th, 2015











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