February 11th, 2015

For whatever reason, I cannot seem to get myself to sit down and type out a blog post lately.  I have the best intentions, but between wrangling the kiddos, making lots of Whole30 food, getting a shower once in a while, and trying to keep the house in order I just haven’t been making it happen.

And I miss you guys!

I usually spend a lot of my words transitioning from topic to topic when I blog and that can get tiring for me and for you, so today I’m gonna go with bullets.

Little snippets about what’s happening these days…

*Our Whole30 journey is going surprisingly well!  Many people experience discomfort (headaches, bloating, major mood swings) in their first weeks, but somehow we’ve avoided that!  I’m not sure we are exactly to the “tiger blood” phase, but I for one feel incredible!  I’m falling asleep quickly at night and sleeping hard.  Andy has often joked in the past that I sleep so hard the bed hurts!  That is totally the case right now.  I hit my pillow, fall asleep fast, and am completely unconscious till Drew wakes up in the morning!  Praise Jesus for that!

*Drew is sleeping through the night consistently!!!!  We’re talking 11-7 just about every night.  I couldn’t be more grateful. Lack of sleep is my kryponite and it seems like the sleepless newborn phase was shorter with Drew than it had been with either Grace or Avery.  I’ll take it!

*Winter is in full effect here in Michigan.  Snow everywhere.  Freezing temps.  Lots of time spent inside.  Or having tantrums about long sleeves, pants, coats, and mittens.  That would be Grace.  Although I can’t fault her too much, I’m a bundling up hater too!  Unless I’m skiing or something you’ll never see me in any type of hat or ear muffs.  I bought a couple pairs of gloves this year and I pretty much never wear those either.  At least I’ve graduated from wearing a fleece jacket or puffer vest only to wearing the nice coat Andy bought me for Christmas!  I’m really growing up! Ha.

*Valentine’s Day is this weekend and unlike last year, I haven’t pulled out or made any decorations.  This actually bums me out.  I know how much the girls would love to see everything looking festive.  Hmmm….maybe tomorrow after school we’ll bring out the V-day stuff.

*I may have mentioned in a previous post, but my sister has turned me into a bit of a beauty junkie!  It started innocently enough with suggesting I follow @youngwildandpolished on Instagram because she posted a ton of incredible manicures.  Then I tiptoed into watching YWP’s YouTube channel, and the rest is history!  One thing led to another and I found myself watching all kinds of YouTube makeup and skincare videos while I was up all hours of the night nursing Drew.  Makeup has always been fun for me.  I remember my friend Karen and I having sleep overs in my parent’s RV and playing with makeup and nail polish till the wee hours of the night.  In highschool she and I were all about Revlon’s Sandalwood Beige lipstick.  The perfect 90’s tawny brown :)  As I’ve been watching videos I’ve been making a list of the things I want to try out.  Ellen even has me couponing at CVS to get good deals on things!  My sweet Andy saw a high-end eyeshadow palette in my Amazon wish list and surprised me with it last week.  Isn’t he a doll?!

*I’m cooking up a storm for Whole30 but feel bad bombarding you guys with all those “recipes” since I feel like everyone and her sister is doing Whole30 right now.  Is there any interest in me posting those meals here on the blog?  I have a dedicated Instagram account (@wholedailyrebecca) were I’m posting just about every meal I make, so I hesitate to post things here too.  But maybe I’m just being a weirdo!  I know I love to read any and all blogs I come across that talk about the Whole30 plan, so maybe it wouldn’t be too annoying…

*One of my Whole30 favorites is bulletproof coffee!!  I was pretty hooked on my hazlenut creamer but I think I’ve found something MUCH healthier that I enjoy just as much!  It’s basically black coffee blended with coconut milk, ghee, and cinnamon.  SO rich and delicious.  I think I’ll do a blog post about that soon :)

*As much as my darling kiddos can drive me up a wall these days (3 under 5 is really something!) they are each so incredibly precious.  In between moments of sheer chaos, I’ll sit and look at all of them and feel overwhelmed with gratitude.  I can’t believe they are all mine and that they are so incredible.  I’ve been trying to capture more photos of them so that I can look back and remember these precious days.  I really need to pull out my big camera to get some really good shots, but here are some recent iPhone pics…

Photo Feb 08, 8 42 02 AM

 Not wanting me to get a standing up picture before church on Sunday. LOL

Wearing tights of her own free will!

Photo Feb 09, 10 40 45 AM

The cutest pig tails ever :)

Photo Feb 08, 8 45 28 AM

Church clothes :)

Photo Feb 07, 12 10 22 PM

All tuckered out.  And so snazzy!

My brown eyed girl :)

Photo Feb 06, 9 59 49 AM

Morning jammie cuddles.

Playing a game on my old iPhone.  Don’t judge! Lol

The “first time” he fell asleep on her.  She was SO EXCITED!

Photo Jan 29, 6 21 06 PM

Sweet boy :)

Poor only boy with two sisters. LOL

I love how Avery is looking adoringly at her cool big sis :)

Hopping on the Whole30 Bandwagon

February 5th, 2015

Andy and I have been joking that 95% of posts on social media right now are about Essential Oils or Whole30.

We suspect that if you’re doing both, you probably have rainbows shooting out your rear end! LOL

But seriously, I know that our country as a whole is more mindful about health and wellness than ever before, so it only makes sense that holistic healing methods are taking the world by storm.

I’m the kind of person who very easily becomes obsessed with stuff like this which is why I’ve been hesitant to dip my toe into these waters.

Very hesitant.

I’ve posted about food again and again and again and again, so if you’ve followed me for a while you know I’m on a quest to see what ultimately works for me and my family.  Along this journey I’ve experimented with being Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo, and at times I’ve thrown in the towel and eaten garbage.

Not real garbage, but you get my drift.

My Recipe Index is even a history of the twists and turns my eating has taken over the past several years. Lol

What ends up happening is that I get so obsessed with all the “rules” that I create an idol in my heart which takes my focus off God – or – I start feeling so restricted that I throw in the towel and eat like crap just to rebel.

Neither one of these is good for my overall health and well being.

I want to have my heart and mind focused on Christ while also taking care of my physical body so that I have the health and energy to serve God and my family well.

That’s why I’m doing Whole30.


After Drew was born I went into survival mode.  It was all kinds of “Don’t worry about what you eat, just get through each day!”

Then it became, “Well, you ARE breastfeeding so go ahead and soothe yourself with ice cream and junk food every night!”

All of that has left me feeling overweight and overwhelmed by my poor choices.

Andy started the plan before me since he’s working to lose “holiday weight” before his upcoming Navy physical and he’s had really great results in just the first week.

I gave myself until Monday to get started because I wanted to eat up some of the non-compliant foods we had in the house.  Let me say they weren’t near as enjoyable as my mind always thinks they will be.  My nightly bowls of ice cream have become so habitual that they don’t even feel like a treat anymore.

It was definitely time for a change!

While most people feel optimistic on day one, I felt total anxiety.  I wanted to quit after lunch and the idea of 30 days eating like this felt like the end of the world.

After a nap and a good dinner I felt slightly more hopeful, but still doubted that I’d be able to see this through till the end.

Drew had a rough night getting to sleep and as a result, I woke up late the next morning.  Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I co-lead a Bible study at church on Tuesdays, so I had to get my booty in gear!

This would generally mean I’d down a cup of sugary creamed coffee and grab a high carb snack as I rushed out the door, but thankfully I was prepared and had some veggie egg “muffins” in the fridge so I ate two of those and grabbed a black coffee at church.

After Bible study I came home and made the girls and myself lunch and felt even better.

There really is something to feeding out bodies nourishing foods rather than subsisting on things we know aren’t good for us.

Of course I still get hit with cravings and urges to eat foods that are not compliant with the Whole30 plan, but I’m not dreading the next month the way I thought I would.  It’s even been kind of fun to plan and prepare meals that follow the “rules” of the program.

Here are some of the things I’ve made and enjoyed so far:

Homemade mayonnaise

Compliant tuna salad in butter lettuce wraps (with mayo above – wild tuna no additives from Costco)

Roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts with pre-cooked compliant roast beef from Costco and this incredible chimichurri

Crockpot roast beef with onions, carrots, and potatoes

Sauteed broccoli slaw with onions and Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning topped with fried eggs

Giant salad with tons of fresh veggies and compliant smoked pulled pork from Costco, topped with a Wholly Guacamole cup and Trader Joe’s salsa verde

Italian chicken fingers with steamed asparagus and broiled potatoes

Shrimp Scampi with Zoodles

and a bunch of other random “meals” we made up with meat, eggs, and veggies.

I’ve got a Whole30 Pinterest board going to provide some inspiration and variety as we continue on this journey and there are a bunch of Instagrammers who have great Whole30 feeds (@teamwhole, @wholesisters, @whole30recipes)

Have you done Whole30?  If so, what did you think??

Netflix Is My Sister-Wife

January 31st, 2015

Since Drew came on the scene things around here have been a little less predictable.

How much sleep I’m going to get, when I’ll get to take a shower, how I’ll have to get creative to make dinner…


Mostly that.

As we all know, newborn babies eat around the clock.  They also tend to have their days and nights mixed up, at least initially.

This makes for one tired mama.

Add to that the fact I get pretty antsy when I don’t know how things are going to play out (hashtag control freak) and you have one cranky mama.

I do that whole “If he falls asleep now I’ll get X hours of sleep” game.  That game has no winners.  I just end up a grumpy mess.

As much as I think God has bigger fish to fry than worrying about my sleep issues, I do believe He cares deeply for me.  I also believe the things I worry about matter to Him.  Just like the things my kids worry about matter to me.

This phase of life has been deepening my faith in cool ways and I’m thankful for that :)

BUT, when I’ve been up much of the night feeding and comforting Drew and he finally falls into a deep sleep in the wee hours of the morning, I just want to get some sleep too.

And then two sweet little rosy-cheeked brown haired girls come to my bedside saying, “Good morning, mama!” and I’m supposed to be awake.

Even though it’s 7am and I’ve only slept a couple hours.

It’s at this point I’d love to ring a bell and have a wonderful nanny whisk the children away to a hot breakfast while I get back to bed.

No such luck!

I don’t agree at all with a polygamist lifestyle, but part of me thinks having a sister-wife around might not be so bad! LOL

She and I could take turns watching the kids while the other one sleeps!


Remind me why I don’t believe in polygamy again?

Oh right!  That whole “sharing a husband” thing.

Ok, ok.  Enough kidding around.

Lately my morning solution has been to let the girls watch a little Netflix while I doze just a little longer with Drew.

Don’t judge.

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, and for now it’s this.

I’m glad I don’t have to worry about them switching channels to anything I don’t want them to watch.  And unlike the Sprout channel, there are no commercials on Netflix so they won’t be bombarded with marketing.

They know the shows I approve of and they stick to those.

Both of my girls love animals and this month’s Netflix Stream Team Theme is four-legged friends.

Netflix has launched a new series based on a beloved character from Shrek: Puss in Boots.

Adventures of Puss in Boots


They’ve released 5 episodes so far and all of the reviews look great.  Targeted age is 11-12, so if you have kids around that age, or you’re a kid at heart, you should check it out!  Even though I’m not an animal person, I was a total sucker for his sweet manipulative face in Shrek 2.  I mean come on!

Real life puss in boots

Since that series is a little grown up for my little ones, I’ll share two of their favorites animal shows on Netflix :)

One of the very first shows Grace ever enjoyed watching was Kipper.  It’s a sweet British cartoon about a dog named Kipper and his animal friends.  I loved the innocent content and irresistible British accents and Grace loved the physical comedy and cute animal aspect.  If you have a little one who likes animals (especially puppies) this show is really great.

kipper the dog

Lately Grace and Avery both love watching Clifford.  Grace’s love for puppies runs deep!  But only cartoon and stuffed animal puppies.  She’s totally freaked out by the real deal.


Fun fact – If I’d have been a boy like my parent’s thought (and the 1980 ultrasound indicated) my name was going to be Clifford James.  After a soap opera character (Cliff on All My Children) and my Grandpa and Uncle (James).  Thank God I was a girl!  I can only ever think of the big red dog when I hear Clifford.

So, as much as I should drag my tired booty outta bed when they come calling in the morning, I feel better knowing they’re at least watching sweet and innocent shows like Kipper and Clifford :)

Now that Drew is sleeping longer stretches at night (over 7 hours last night!) I’m feeling hopeful that I’ll start waking up more ready to face the day and we’ll save our shows for the afternoon like we usually do (hello pre-dinner witching hour!).

Until that all levels out, I’m glad I have Netflix as my sister-wife! LOL


Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and will be sharing monthly tips and stories about how my family uses Netflix on a regular basis. As a member of the Stream Team I was provided with welcome kit including a voucher to apply towards my Netflix account. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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