Best of the Archives

Men Are From Mars

To Poof or Not To Poof? – Are we wasting effort on a hairstyle that men don’t even like?

The Divorce

Saying Goodbye – The loss of a father and a home

I’m Not Like You – Making sure he (my dad) knows I’m nothing like him


Dear Grace – Letter to Grace after my first day back to work

Totally Upside Down – My perceptions of parenting meet my reality


Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend – The scavenger hunt to commemorate the 5th anniversary of our engagement

Our Great Adventure – Our struggle to find our future.  Medical School here we come!

Personal Discoveries

I mean I’m funny, right?! – Finding my own brand of humor

Hiding Out – Battling hermit tendencies

Quarter Life Crisis – Feeling trapped on the conveyor belt of life

Questioning Everything – Wrestling with my faith

The Politics of Relationships – Can we really be ourselves and still maintain relationships?

Great Expectations – Feeling crushed by the weight of peoples expectations

Anne with an “e” – Sharing my love affair with this classic character

The Blog

Letting the Blog Out of the Bag – Exposing my blog to the people in my life


The Colon Cleanse: Part 1

The Colon Cleanse: Part 2

The Colon Cleanse: Part 3

The Colon Cleanse Part 4