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Last week I somehow managed to get both girls to lay down for a nap at the same time.  These days that is an absolute miracle.

It was late afternoon and I was just finished getting dressed for the day, so I decided it was high time I brushed my teeth.

I’m a very committed brusher, but lately my “morning” tooth brushing has become more of a mid-day routine.

Gross, I know.

I figure my morning breath doesn’t yet offend the girls, and if it starts to, maybe it will afford me a little more personal space.  Ha!

So, I was multi-tasking and brushing my teeth while wandering around the living room straightening things and collecting the mail.

I opened the front door and saw a good-sized Target box propping the storm door open.

Scanning my memory for what I’d recently ordered from Target, I was drawing a blank.

Still brushing my teeth, I scratched at one end of the packing tape and managed to unseal the box and peek inside.

I think my heart might have skipped a beat.

My first thought was, “OH NO!  I’ve RUINED my Christmas present from Andy!”

So, while still brushing, I flipped the box top back to confirm that the package was in fact addressed to me, and…

it was!!

I flipped the box open again and stared in disbelief at what was inside….



This photo was obviously NOT taken with the new camera! Lol

I ran to the bathroom to ditch the toothbrush and then I grabbed my phone and dialed Andy’s number with shaky hands.  He had just taken his final exam for the semester and was headed out to lunch with his school friends so I knew I had a good chance of reaching him and, when he didn’t answer on the first try, I maniacally dialed his number again…I just HAD to find out what was going on with this camera!

When he answered, I asked whether I had just spoiled the most epic Christmas gift ever to which he laughed and guessed that the camera had arrived.

After being convinced that I hadn’t ruined any surprises and that he wanted me to get the camera before Christmas (so I’d have time to learn how to use it) I started to cry.

It was such an unexpected gift, and to me it was so much more than a camera…

It was how much he listens to me.  How he knows exactly what I’m secretly pining for even though I’d never put such expensive things on a wish list.  It’s how much he supports my hobbies and dreams and ambitions.  How he really believes in me and encourages me all the time.

It was about how well he knows and loves me.

I was overcome with emotion and humbled in the best way.

It’s not just a camera.

It’s a wonderful husband who loves me far more than I deserve.  It’s the dream of taking beautiful pictures of our family for years to come.  It’s aspiring to make this blog a more beautiful place to visit.  And it’s the beginning of a hobby that I’ve admired from afar for many many years.

Thank you, babe, for being so good to me.  For loving and supporting me and for being a blessing to all who know you.

You’re the best gift that God has given me :)



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4 Responses to “Shutterbug”

  1. ROCHELLE says:

    This is just beautiful! So happy that you are blessed with a wonderful husband. Talk about melting a girls heart.. Andy has this all down.. Now if he could teach the other men in the world his tricks. :) I love although a very nice gift your more enthralled with the fact that he listens to you and loves you to the moon and back! My heart is warmed! xoxo…. By the way it was awesome to see you tonight and it totally made me want more of you!! You always bring joy to my heart. Lets get together soon :)

  2. Kathy says:


  3. Laurie Kroll says:

    Tears!!! What a guy!!!!
    Enjoy your gift sweetie…

  4. Diana says:

    Well now he’s made two women cry. Nicely done Andy. :)

    I know how much you wanted this friend. I am so, so happy for you. You’re so talented anyway, this is going to blow your food posts away. AWAY.


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