Going Vegan…

Andy and I have decided to go Vegan for the next 40 days.

Our church does a lenten fast and this is how we’re choosing to participate.

I fasted for lent last year and the year before.

In 2011, I really felt God speaking to me throughout the fast and it resulted in some pretty cool stuff happening in my heart and my life.

Last year it just made me grumpy.

This year I’m going into the fast without so many expectations.

Through my Bible study this year and my wonderful mentor, I’m learning that I place unfair expectations on myself and the people around me.

The more I’ve considered this and spent some time asking God to help me break away from it, the more I’ve realized just how far reaching this whole “expectations thing” really is.

Think about it for a little while…when you feel frustrated, hurt, angry, jealous, anxious, or anything else, it’s because reality is not meeting your expectations. This often results in you judging the person(s) who didn’t measure up to the expectation they didn’t even know you had for them!

This has been a profound realization for me, but I’m having trouble putting it into words which might mean it’s a revelation just for me for now.

Back to going Vegan!

Our church observes Lent from the Monday after Ash Wednesday until Good Friday night, so Andy and I got started yesterday morning.

That was nice because it allowed us to indulge in a delicious filet mignon dinner for Valentine’s Day :)

Nothing like feasting on a cow before swearing off animal products for 40 days! #HumanNatureIsWeird

Anyway, we have one day down and so far it’s going well.

Breakfasts are easy since many cereals are vegan and we can just swap regular milk for almond milk. I’ve also really enjoyed steel cut oatmeal in the mornings.

PicMonkey Collage

Left: Oats with pecans, honey and chia seeds Right: Oats with strawberries, honey and chia seeds.

I thought lunches might be tricky, but I did a quick Google search for “vegan lunches” and got a handful of recipes that are easy for Andy to pack with him to take to school.

Photo Feb 18, 1 08 35 PM

Lunch: asparagus, rainbow chard and avocado quinoa salad (recipe to come!)

Dinner didn’t have me worried because I’ve eaten vegan before and knew I’d have plenty of time for dinner prep now that I’m home full-time. Plus, I have a handful of vegan recipes already posted here on the blog!

I actually have more vegan-friendly recipes than I thought!

I won’t be turning the blog into a Vegan-palooza for the next month, but I will be posting Vegan recipes since that’s what I’ll be cooking :)

I’m also starting to track my calories to shed some of this baby weight before summer. I’m not resurrecting Weigh-In Wednesdays because that was a humiliating series that my sister and I laugh hysterically about every time it comes up!

In the midst of all this vegan food and calorie tracking I want to keep sight of the fast. I want to pray that God speaks to me and that I listen to him especially well over the next 40 days. I know I’ll get cravings and in those moments I want to open my heart to Him.

Do you participate in Lent? If so, what are you fasting from?




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5 Responses to “Going Vegan…”

  1. marie says:

    We are driving home from s. Carolina…so sick of the car…opened up your blog and am catching up and reading it to Dave. Just sent a text before reading that you are eating began…so I guess coke is out lol. Were you still drinking it once in awhile? Fasting from fbook and critiques …and failing and then beginning again. Ttys

  2. Aunt Becky says:

    God bless you Rebecca, and know that God always honors a fast. I am so proud of the woman you are and are becoming. Love you so!

  3. Rochelle says:

    Yeah..so this blog post was in my spam….really how can my email do me wrong like that?…..I am excited to see your vegan post….and by the way loved our time together!

  4. DocWife says:

    I haven’t observed Lent in a number of years. Mainly, I have just plain forgotten about it. However, when I have I have given up things that have gotten in my way of my relationship with God. For example: no television on certain days, or doing whatever when I am bored instead of utilizing that time to read my bible. This year I have thought of all the munching around that I do and ways to curb it…. why not instead of munching I use that time to read the bible, or pray, or ponder on a verse, or write in my journal? and hopefully, it won’t just be a Lenten thing, but end up a developed habit. I think it’s awesome about you going vegan. My household can almost get there, but we rely a lot on milk, cheese, and eggs. So I go vegan on some, vegetarian on most, and throw some turkey or buffalo meat in there every now and then.

    • Rebecca says:

      Thanks so much for the comment :) I love your idea of going to the Lord instead of munching! That’s a tough one and even though I’m going vegan for lent which is a big commitment, I can still munch when I feel discontent and boy is that a distraction from God. I’m challenging myself to go to him in prayer or journaling when I get the munchies…not just for lent, but as a habit….thank you for sharing!

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