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The Summer So Far

July 21st, 2014

Obviously blogging hasn’t been a very big part of my summer and I still can’t figure out if I’m disappointed or relieved.

Maybe both.

I’m in a season of quiet waiting and I don’t even know what I’m waiting for.  I tend to hope that I’m waiting for God to do something BIG and IMPORTANT and EXCITING but I’m starting to think He wants me to rest and trust in Him even when nothing seems to be happening.

I’ll admit, that’s been tough.

I keep feeling like I’m missing something I’m supposed to be doing.  Hearing this verse at church a couple weeks ago really encouraged my heart:

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10

If He prepared good works in advance for little old me, and I’m open to Him, I really don’t think He’s going to let me miss them.  Now if only my brain would start to really believe that ;)

In all of the quiet ordinary-ness, I’ve been trying to be grateful.  Content.  At peace.

There has been lots of time outside, playing on the grass and in the sand.  Lots of play dates filled with splashing and struggles to share.  Grilled dinners, quiet evenings.  Walks around the block.  Trips to the zoo, quiet times in the afternoon so I can get a taste of silence.  BBQs, pancakes for breakfast, birthday festivities and plain old nothing at all.

The girls have played beautifully together and they’ve fought like gladiators.  I’ve calmly resolved issues and I’ve lost my cool.

I’ve spent the better part of many afternoons laying on the couch and I’ve tried to feel accomplished by tackling little projects.

The little DIY project that I’ve been enjoying most lately are the no-sew garage curtains I whipped up a couple weeks ago.  I bought 2 yards of fabric at Joann’s along with some stitch-witchery and a couple of tension rods and now our grubby garage windows are a little more appealing :)

garage front curtain

garage side curtain

And I had a little fabric leftover to make a placemat to tie the curtain pattern over to the patio which has throw pillows in a similar colored stripe.

patio placemat

They are certainly nothing fancy and the one on the side of the garage isn’t even, so I hung the rod crooked to compensate, but I like them.  They spruced things up just a little and it’s been a fun change.  If you endeavor to do this yourself, I do recommend using a measuring tape and taking your time.

But as I like to joke, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Photo Jul 11, 10 09 11 AM

This silly selfie is from about a week ago when I drove Grace out to meet my mom for a solo sleepover visit.  She had a wonderful time with grandma and I had a delightfully quiet weekend! Lol

Avery and I had a lunch date at Cracker Barrel on the way home and it was so sweet.  She loved having me and the wooden peg game all to herself :)

Photo Jul 11, 11 41 22 AM

The mac and cheese got all over, but she LOVED it.  Totally worth the mess :)

Photo Jul 11, 12 11 13 PM

We took Avery to Ikea while Grace was with Grandma.  She sat in her stroller the whole time, nursing a snack bag of goldfish.  Andy and I sat on probably every couch in every display and we drooled over the gorgeous custom kitchens too.

Photo Jul 11, 6 39 42 PM

For only $25 we bought some under cabinet lighting and Andy installed it at midnight that night.  What a difference it makes to the dark corner of our kitchen!  I’ve gotta keep my mixer clean now that it’s in the spotlight ;)

Photo Jul 12, 12 31 05 AM

I had a lovely birthday that started at the Original Pancake House with a Big Apple and cup of delicious black coffee.  I followed that up with an afternoon of sunbathing at the pool with my sister and then dinner at Ronin Sushi in Royal Oak with my main squeeze.

Photo Jul 12, 7 25 28 PM

Grainy selfie before dinner.  We had to wait a while but really enjoyed the cozy bar on the second level of the restaurant.  I’m becoming quiet the connoisseur of nonalcoholic beers. Lol

Photo Jul 12, 7 33 03 PM

I somehow convinced Grace to let me try this dutch braid in her hair the other day and here’s the evidence that it existed for that short hour.

Photo Jul 19, 12 53 33 PM

I got a post-birthday manicure and pedicure last week followed by a DELICIOUS Thai dinner with a dear friend.  I’ll tell you I straight up crave these drunken noodles with chicken and veggies.  SOOO GOOOD.

Photo Jul 14, 6 52 59 PM

Then, just the other day, we had an extended play date with another dear friend and she served up this INCREDIBLE taco soup that she had just “thrown together” the night before.  I wish she had a recipe because it was AMAZING.  The garden tomato, ripe avocado, tortilla strips and lime juice put it over the top.

Photo Jul 18, 12 45 01 PM

I’ve been more concerned with comfort than fashion these days.  My belly is not so much “baby” as it is “ice cream” so I’m trying to draw attention away from it whenever I can.  A little bout of cooler weather this week allowed me to pair a loose-fitting chambray shirt (that I scored for $5 from Old Navy!) with my coral shorts.  It was SO COMFY and I felt put together.  Win/win.

Photo Jul 17, 2 10 13 PM

But the most exciting detail of summer so far is….

Photo Jul 18, 8 44 44 PM


Her boyfriend proposed on Friday night and I don’t think I could be any more excited if I tried!  I’m straight up OBSESSED with how sweet they are together, how gorgeous her ring is, and how excited I am to have such a stellar guy as a brother-in-law.

Tomorrow we’re headed to my mom’s for our annual trip to the county fair and next week I’m taking the girls up to my friends cottage overnight, so I’m thinking I’ll probably have some more picture-heavy blog posts coming up.

How has your summer been?  Anything exciting happening?  Any trips planned?

I’d love to hear what you’ve all been up to :)

Grace Turns Four! (A Disney Frozen Party)

July 7th, 2014

On July 3rd our sweet Grace turned four!  I cannot believe that my tiny dark-haired newborn is now a full-fledged kid.  No traces of baby anymore.  Well, except for the blankie and finger sucking :)  We had a day-o-fun on her actual birthday followed by a Disney Frozen Party a few days later.  So much fun!

On the 3rd, we woke up and had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  She was so excited about them, but one bite in and she wanted plain.  What kid turns down a sugar fueled breakfast for plain?!  Mine apparently :)

breakfast time

I think this was the bite that prompted her to ask for a plain pancake! Lol I brought up a plate that I made in Kindergarten and she was thrilled that I “made it for her” so I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had no idea my future four year old daughter would ultimately inherit the plate when I made it back in 1985. Ha! Next we opened her much anticipated birthday gift…a musical magic Elsa doll!



My mom had already gotten her the musical magic Anna doll, so the pair was complete and Grace was happier than a pig in mud!

anna and elsa

After breakfast Grace and Avery played and then Andy and Grace went for a long bike ride.  They wanted to see the horses at the local country club, but alas the horses must have been napping.  Grace had fun spending alone time with Daddy though. Surprisingly the weather was very cool on the 3rd.  It felt more like September than July, so our plans to visit the splash pad had to be changed.  Grace requested a trip to the mall, so after lunch and nap time we packed up and headed to Somerset Mall. A stop at the candy store was in order and Grace picked yogurt covered animal crackers, runts and mini mint nonpareils.  Andy and I couldn’t resist a small bag of sour patch kids :)

candy store

grace with candy

We browsed the Disney Store and made it out unscathed!  Just a couple pics in the castle :)

me and grace in castle

andy and grace in castle

Although not a part of the original plan, we ended up at Build-A-Bear and Grace was thrilled to choose a soft brown puppy that she named “Fluffy”.  Thanks to a coupon it only set us back about $7 which I’d say is a miracle!

make a wish

bath time

Avery noshed on goldfish crackers while waiting for Grace to finish making and bathing her puppy.

avery stroller

We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and had TCBY frozen yogurt for dessert.  I barely kept my eyes open after the day-o-fun! We snapped this pic of Grace with her first ever Build-A-Bear and her newest one :)


Along with the Anna doll, my mom gifted Grace a set of Jamberry nail wraps and we applied them the day after her birthday.  The gingham and watermelons are so fun!

jamberry toes

We had a nice Fourth of July weekend that ended with a little Frozen party for Grace and her girlfriends.  We kept it simple as a snack and cake party after lunch and before dinner which I highly recommend!  The little girls had fun running around and the moms had fun chatting.

anna lemonade



cups and napkins

ice blocks


olaf snack

The snacks were a hit!  Particularly the candy and marshmallows :)



Grace’s older cousin got creative and made her own little snowman from the snacks! My pretty friend Karen got in on the fun too :)


The three of us were childhood friends and it’s positively surreal to have daughters of our own who play together!  Such wonderful friends are a true blessing.


Everyone was so generous and Grace received some really fun presents!

opening gifts

story set present

Avery enjoyed looting the Kristoff Ice Cubes (aka monterey jack cheese cubes) after the party settled down!

avery mouthful

My friend Ashleigh made the most incredible Frozen birthday cake!! It was blue inside too and was as delicious as it was pretty.  Thanks so much Ashleigh!!


cake time

blowing out candles

Grace had a wonderful time and was all smiles until she started melting down from sugar and exhaustion :)

happy face

silly face

We enjoyed celebrating our little princess and my gears are already turning for how to make Avery’s 2nd birthday just as special!

Disney Frozen Birthday Party

I Scream You Scream

June 26th, 2014

Early last week we visited an ice cream shop near our beach house.  The girls loved every drop of their frozen treats and I had fun snapping a few pictures of them enjoying themselves :)

ice cream cutout 1

avery ice cream lips

ice cream cone

avery drip chin

grace side eye


grace ice cream lick


grace ice cream


avery spoonful 1

avery ice cream 1


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