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Things I’m Loving Lately

January 22nd, 2015


I’m getting around to posting about some of my recent favorites.  All the stars have aligned and all three of my children are simultaneously napping!!!

Praise the Lord!

Ok, for the good stuff…


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.19.12 PM

We’ve had Amazon Prime for over two years now and I can’t remember life without it!  We are talking FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING ON THOUSANDS OF ITEMS.

I fell in love with the hand creme I’m about to mention, but it can be difficult to find so I checked Amazon and sure enough it was there and qualified for Prime shipping!

Two days later I’m sitting here with soft, smooth banana scented hands.  The UPS man has become my favorite person.

Not really, but I’m always very happy to see him!

We took advantage of a discounted membership price when Andy started med school a couple years ago, but now that I’m totally hooked on this service I’d gladly pay the $99/year fee.

Amazon Prime features include the following:

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.23.48 PM
Besides the hand cream, I’ll give you another example of the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime…we fell in love with these Mama Chia fruit pouches at Costco.  They are tasty, nutritious, and a HUGE hit with both of my girls.

As often happens, Costco stopped carrying them.

Womp womp womp.

I checked Amazon and they had boxes of them at a fair price!  They qualified for Prime shipping and I was even able to subscribe to have them sent to me on a monthly basis and that saved even more money.

If you like to order stuff online but hate paying shipping, check this out! I figure you only have to order about 10-12 times to make it well worth the annual fee!  That doesn’t even take into consideration all of the other membership benefits!

Amazon has no idea who I am, so this is not a paid advertisement.  I just LOVE this service.


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.29.32 PM
I have been seriously battling dry skin this winter.

Nothing I seem to do is helping my problem and I feel like I might go crazy from being dry and itchy all day long!

I have various small tubes of hand lotion laying around the house.  Most of them are from gifts or free samples and they range in scents and supposed benefits.

None of them have been doing anything for me.


I was rooting around my bathroom stuff and I came across an old jar of this Burt’s Bees Banana Hand Creme.  The jar was well used, but still had some cream left so I decided to give it a try.

I will say it goes on very thick and a little greasy so you don’t want to put it on just any old time.  This cream would be great before bed or watching tv so you have time for it to soak into your skin and lose it’s greasiness.

But THIS STUFF WORKS.  My hands were shockingly soft, silky and smooth once the cream absorbed.  No more flaking, itching or dryness.  It was miraculous considering how futile all of my hand lotioning efforts have been so far!

I’m not a big fan of banana scent or flavor, but I find this lotion to be very pleasant.

If you have dry skin, check it out!


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.36.17 PM
We bank with Charterone and have really been pleased with their service. Our local branches are staffed with the friendliest people!  So much so that my girls LOVE going to the bank to see our favorite tellers.

And get suckers.

The suckers are probably the real reason they love the bank!

Now that I’m juggling 3 kiddos and it’s winter in Michigan, going to the bank is the last thing I feel like doing.  Even going out of my normal route to stop at the drive thru seems like a pain for the most part.

Enter mobile deposit.

I have a Charterone app on my iphone and once I log into my account I can easily enter info about my deposit, photograph the front and back of the checks I’m depositing and BAM!  The deposit is entered and the money is available by the next business day.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to deposit checks this way from the comfort of my own home!  See if your bank has an app with this feature, you’ll be so glad you have this option if you ever can’t make it to a branch during normal business hours!


Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.43.25 PM

Lisa is a friend of mine and besides being one of the kindest women I know, she’s an incredible cook!  Her recipes are all fresh, beautiful, and healthy!  I get hungry every time I visit her blog and I secretly want to move into her house so I can eat her food every night!  She develops her own recipes so they aren’t run-of-the-mill repeats you see on Pinterest.  I really want to try these two…

Roasted Grape Bruschetta

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.46.27 PM

and Kale Pesto!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.48.50 PM

Add her blog to the list of sites you follow.  You won’t be disappointed!



Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.56.45 PM
This brush is the ultimate brush for cleaning up the edges of your nail polish!  I really admire a beautiful, clean-looking manicure but I’ve struggled with getting my polish on as neatly as I’d like it to be.  This brush makes such a difference!! My sister turned me on to Young Wild and Polished on YouTube and she’s not only hilarious, but she does incredible manicures!  This brush was her recommendation and it really is as awesome as she claims!

Target sells Sonia Kashuk, so you should have no trouble finding this brush at your local store and it’s only $5.

These are a few of my favorites lately, but I’d love to hear what you’re loving these days!  Let me know in the comments :)

favorite things

Random Chit Chat

January 21st, 2015

Drew had been making strides in his overnight sleep habits and is now, shall we say, regressing.

I know newborns don’t sleep through the night.  I know breastfed newborns wake even more often than formula fed newborns.  I know this too shall pass and that these baby days are quickly fleeting.

But mama wants some sleep.

I just want to go back to laying him down at 11 and having him sleep till 2 or 3.  I don’t mind being up for an hour feeding him and cuddling him and going back to sleep for another 3-4 hours.

That’s not my perfect world scenario, but by golly I’ll take it!

Just a couple of good stretches with Drew in his crib and me unconscious in my own bed.

Snoring and drooling like it’s my J.O.B.

But alas, he has different ideas lately and I’m trying to be patient.

Trying being the key word there.

Funny thing is that I think of the girls as not having done this to me.  I’ve almost totally forgotten most of the sleep woes I had with them.

I think God does this.  So we keep having babies!

Forget all the hard parts so that you’re willing to do it again.

Touché, God.


In other news, Andy and I are planning to do a Whole30 soon but I keep pushing back the start date.

I was going to start on January 12th to do it along with a group of my online friends, but then I decided t0 wait till Drew was 6 weeks old.

Then I pushed it back so I’d have a chance to use up my coffee creamer. It would be a crime for it to go to waste, right?

Now the coffee creamer is gone and I’ve survived 2 mornings without it, but I can’t conceive of a life where I don’t binge watch House on Netflix while stuffing my face alternating sweet and salty treats.

Pathetic, I know.

But this junk food thing has got a serious grip on me at the moment.

Kids are napping? How about a cookie! And then some random leftover Halloween candy!

Hubby is gone for the evening? How about some white cheddar popcorn!  How about the whole.giant.bag. in 2 days.


Yeah.  That’s my M.O. lately and I’ve got to quit A.S.A.P.

The craziest part is that I’m eating like this while I’m reading the Whole30 book It Starts With Food.  That’s like watching the Biggest Loser while eating a giant sundae!

Ultimately the issue isn’t a food issue, it’s a heart issue.

Things feel out of control right now with the 3 kiddos, sleepless nights, assimilation into real life now that Drew Boo is getting a little older and I can’t hide out claiming “newborn!” forever.

On top of all that, Andy is starting to make plans for his final year of med school.  Plans that include traveling for 2-4 week stretches to visit the various military hospitals he might be placed at for his residency  Planning those trips is tricky enough from a scheduling standpoint, but he also has to plan them based on what he wants to specialize in.

That adds a whole other layer to things.

We spent years wondering what Andy wanted to do when he “grew up” and when he decided to go to medical school it seemed like we found our answer.

In many ways we did, but now there’s the issue of “what kind of doctor do you want to be?”

He’s had a lean toward family medicine from the start, but now that he’s rotating through various specialties he’s having different thoughts.

His classmate was dead set on becoming an OBGYN since well before medical school.  She recently did an OB rotation and discovered that she hated it.

She honestly didn’t like it one bit and is now excited at the idea of becoming a family doctor.

Andy has maintained an open mind from the start.  He knew his personality would be a good fit with family med (he’s one of the most approachable and disarming people you’ll meet) but he knew rotations could change everything.

His recent Neurology and Anesthesiology rotations have really piqued his interest.

For now we are in the thinking and praying stages…well mostly Andy is because I kind of have my head in the sand about all this being real.

I fully support whatever he decides to do.  I feel so very fortunate to be able to stay home and take care of our babies and I’ll continue to do that no matter what he picks, so I want him to make a decision he feels excited about.

Poor guy has to carry the burden of that looming decision on top of everything else he’s juggling.  Good thing he’s so awesome :)

Well, now that I’ve rambled for 850 words, I think I’ll wrap it up.

My plan is to do a favorite things post next!

Hope you’re all well and enjoying the new year so far :)

Avery Turns Two!! (A Disney Princess Party)

January 16th, 2015

Our sweet Avery Jane turned 2 years old on New Year’s Eve, and this year it was her turn to have a fun themed party!!

Last year I just could not get it together to throw her a first birthday party so we had a low-key celebration at home.  I’m still feeling bad about it since Grace had a blowout bash for her one year birthday, but the end of December is a HARD time to have a party, especially when you live in a tiny little house in the freezing cold midwest.

This year I was DETERMINED.  Come hell or high water my Avery was getting a party!  I didn’t care if I had just given birth the day before or heck, even at the party!

My little Disney-princess-loving-baby-girl was gonna have a par-tay.

And she did!!

She’s absolutely bonkers about Disney Princesses at the moment and after hearing her identify them by name every time she saw them (including on random packaging at the grocery store!) I decided that would be the theme for her party.

I’d been considering farm animals because she loves those too, but Princesses won out and I’m so glad that’s the route we took :)

Grace had a princess party for her 3rd birthday, but in my opinion this one took the cake!

Here’s a photo rundown… (sorry to all of the extended family we could not accommodate…we love you guys and wish we had a bigger house!)

Sorry also to the family that was present but not photographed :( My postpartum ADD was off the charts that afternoon!  I should have had someone with their wits about them take the pics…

Here’s what I snapped!


Princess banner…reused from Grace’s party!


Grandma and Avery.  Avery’s not too sure about wearing the crown at her party. Lol







Lots of themed snacks!


And cupcakes!




I was so happy with how the cupcakes turned out!

I cheated and bought boxed golden butter and chocolate cake mix.  My plan was to make the icing from scratch, but when I was standing in the aisle at the store and I saw cans of frosting in colors that would totally work for what I had in mind, I caved.

In the end I’m really glad I took the shortcut.  With nursing around the clock and all the other party prep, it was SO NICE to just pop open the frosting and pipe it onto the cupcakes.

The princess “toppers” made the cupcakes so festive!  I saw on Pinterest that another mom cut paper princess cups from Walmart to make princess toppers, so I gave it a try and they turned out great!


Avery wasn’t quite sure what to make of all the festivities…


She enjoyed all the snacks though!



She was looking around very curiously at everyone singing Happy Birthday.  I’m pretty sure she liked it though :) I know she enjoyed her Belle cupcake!






Everyone was so generous and she received a bunch of fun gifts!


tom and the boys

jennifer and david

Our immediate families comprise so many people, but it was really nice to have everyone together!


Look at all those Gould cousins!


Then there’s the real twins and cousin “twins”!

andy and me averys party

I certainly couldn’t have pulled off the party without this guy.  Man I love him!

daddy mommy and avery 2 years

I’m so glad we didn’t let the time of year or the new baby or the tiny house deter us from celebrating our precious girl.

Happy 2nd Birthday Princess Avery Jane!!



Here’s a handy pinnable image in case you are planning a princess party of your own and you want some snack ideas :)

disney princess party collage

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